The ICCK 2015 Conference will feature sessions on:

  • Aerosol/ Heterogeneous kinetics
  • Astrochemistry
  • Automated mechanism generation
  • Biocatalysis / Enzyme kinetics
  • Catalysis
  • Combustion kinetics
  • Coupling CFD with kinetics
  • Data / Storage / Access / Experimental
  • Experimental methods
  • Fundamental kinetic theory
  • Homogenous atmosphere chemistry
  • Ion kinetics
  • Material synthesis
  • Polymer reaction engineering
  • Solution/ Liquid kinetics


Program Outline

This cross-disciplinary meeting highlights the importance of fundamental understanding of elementary reactions to the full range of chemical investigations. The specific conference focus is on elementary-step kinetics in both the gas phase and in condensed phase. The meeting provides a unique opportunity to discuss how the same reactive species and reaction motifs manifest under very different reaction conditions (e.g. atmospheric, aqueous, combustion, plasma, in nonaqueous solvents, on surfaces.).
The conference will feature special sessions on:
1.    New/improved experimental techniques
2.    Improved models and data analysis for interpreting complicated kinetics.
3.    Computational kinetics, especially rate estimates for large kinetic models.
4.    A panel discussion on how the community should document/archive kinetic data.
In the past, this conference has been limited to homogeneous gas-phase and liquid-phase systems. This year’s conference will broaden its focus to include studies of heterogeneous kinetics if they provide rate constants for, or insight into, elementary reaction steps.